Tagg the Pet Tracker Friday, December 2nd

If your furry friend likes to go on adventurous hiatuses every now and then, the Tagg Pet Tracking System might be the gizmo for you.

The Tagg Pet Tracking System uses GPS tracking technology to locate and help you retrieve your dog whenever they decide to run. The rechargeable tracking device attaches to your dog’s existing colar and can be worn even when swimming (imperative considering most doggie adventures are not limited to the dry land!).

Once he or she leaves the “Tagg Zone”, you receive a text message alert. You can then locate you dog on the Tagg Map via your computer, smartphone or app (and even get directions). The battery last approximately 30 days and will send you an email when it’s time to recharge. The colar, charger and six months of service will set you back $140. Every month thereafter is only $8 (pretty inexpensive piece of mind).

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