Craycort Cast Iron Grates for Weber Charcoal Grills Thursday, October 14th

Craycort Cast Iron Grates for Weber Charcoal Grills

For the money, it’s hard to beat the quality of a Weber Charcoal Grill. But, once you have spent some time grilling on a Weber, its weakness becomes painfully obvious – the grates are not so great. The Weber grates are made from chrome plated steel and once you have put it through a few heat cycles, you begin to notice they don’t hold heat very well and tend to rust completely through within six months.

Craycort Cast Iron Grates are the best money you will spend upgrading your Weber Charcoal Grill. Cast Iron holds heat wonderfully and if properly taken care of, will season over time to impart better flavor in everything you cook. The thick and heavy grills will leave impressive grill lines on your meats and their searing can’t be matched by any steel grate.

Craycort has grate sizes available to fit most any Weber and can be accessorized with a pizza stone, griddle/hotplate, chicken holder, and an iron grid handle for easily removing sections of the grate.

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