Butcher Block by COMMONWEALTH Monday, November 15th

Butcher Block by COMMONWEALTH

Butcher Block was created for Headspace, a symposium convened by Paola Antonelli, and the MoMA, exploring the relationship between Scent and Design. Commonwealth embedded themselves within the laboratories of global perfume giant, International Flavors and Fragrances, and explored the realm of MoodMapping–a technique used to assign non-olfactory characteristics to olfactory molecules. Working with a 100 year-old piece of old growth Douglas Fir architectural lumber, Commonwealth used MoodMapping to analyze the material which resulted in a set of descriptive terms that became their design brief: masculine, therapeutic, antibacterial, stressed, depressed, gold, pale yellow, overwhelming, brutal, dark, chocolate, bloody and nostalgic.

Lastly, It’s One of a Kind.

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